Saturday, January 26, 2013

Surviving Pregnancy

Here are some products that have
helped me get through 6 months of being preggo.

Bra Extender
Product Details
I ordered mine off Amazon for a couple of bucks,
and it has truly saved my life... literally.
 I was honestly suffocating without these magical 2 inches.
I didn't notice the severity of the {ah-hem} problem
until I easily attached one of these pups to my new "maternity" bras.
{By new, I mean I bought them in the first trimester,
which is still new to me
since that was only a couple of months ago!!}

I refused to buy another bra to only grow out of it later...
to only have to buy nursing bras in a few months...
 you catch my drift?!?
It has definitely saved me money in the long run!
Must buy if your ta-tas are growing like mine! ;)

Spanx Power Mama
Product Details
Also an Amazon purchase,
Spanz Power Mamas have been another nice purchase
 in the intimates section.
They are comfy and offer support to my achy back.
I have only worn them under dresses
but as the weather continues to drop
I might wear as an added layer to keep warm, too!

Camelbak Insulated Water Bottle
CamelBak BPA Free eddy Insulated Water Bottle - .6L Lavender
This is my favorite water bottle!
I love the straw for its convenience
and am especially fond of the insulation.
I have been craving ice cold water
and the insulation surrounding this bottle helps
 keep my water just that while I am teaching.

Clementines + Tangerines
I could eat 25 of these in one sitting.
No. Joke.

Bio Oil
Bio-Oil Scar Treatment - 2 oz.
I know they say you can't really prevent stretch marks
but this provides me with some comfort
in knowing that I am at least trying.
I have stretch marks left over from puberty :'(
so I am pretty worried about getting them during pregnancy, too.
I know they will fade and
they are a mark of the beautiful process of giving life
but they still aren't fun, ya know?!

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Jamie Pepin said...

i think the good thing about bras is having something you can transition back into post-pregnancy. AND if you get pregnant again you can use them again! but try and hold out until you're practically at the hospital or a few days after being home for when your milk comes in (esp if you plan on breastfeeding) to know what size you'll need for a nursing bra! at least that's what we tell women at the store :)