Friday, January 4, 2013

Weekend Scrapbook

^^^ Please excuse everything about me in this picture.
It was late, we were already in our PJs,
and for some reason my eyes look different colors. ^^^

However, I have to share the exciting news!
Alex felt Greta kick for the first time!
It was a pretty cool moment.
I have been feeling G move around regularly for a little over a week now.
Al has been dying to feel her little jiggies too but sadly couldn't.
Sunday evening she was really getting her groove on
and I just knew he would be able to feel her busting a move.
Fortunately, I was right!!
Keep on dancing baby girl,
it brings so much joy to daddy and me!

^^^ Last week, both Alex and I had time off.
It was really nice being together and especially nice to get working on G's nursery.^^^

^^^Alex painted her closet coral (Peony by Martha Stewart) and I just adore it!
We didn't want to paint the whole room
because we would like to be able to reuse the nursery
for any future {boy} nuggets that come our way.
But we didn't see any harm in adding a pop of color in her closet.^^^

^^^ We are starting to collect art pieces and decor for her room but nothing has been installed.^^^

^^^ Now that Al has felt little G,
I think he is getting a little more serious about his daddy duties.
I looked over to find him practicing his swaddling skills on poor Miss Cody-Bear.
{Doesn't she look thrilled?!?}^^^

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Alli said...

Yea!! So exciting!!! I love that she's a dancer already :)