Monday, February 4, 2013

Nothing but Nesting: Day 2

Now that we have our overwhelming list,
I decided to make another one.

This time I listed out all the organization and cleaning supplies
needed to purchase in order to get our nest in tip top shape.

I won't bore you with our list this time,
but I do want to share some stellar organizational finds.
Not sure if we will actually need all of the following,
but while I was purusing the internet
I stumbled upon the following:

Triple Decker Shelf
Urban Outfitters -- $44
{To help with our bathroom clutter --
I am trying to decide if this will just add more busyness or order}

Reclaimed Wood Chalkboard
Urban outfitters -- $50
{I love this reclaimed wood chalk board but I have no where for it to go. Sad Face.}

Reclaimed Wood Card Catalog Shelf
Urban Outfitters -- $64
{Maybe bathroom? It looks a little more kitcheny to me though.}

Reclaimed Wood Storage Unit
Urban Outfitters -- $140
{Probably my favorite item overall!!}

Pinned Image
Ikea Spice Racks
{Thinking above the sink in bathroom or
above the changing table in G's nursery.}

Lucky Clover Trading Co. -- $2.50
{Yup! You read that right! TWO FIDDY!
We are planning on ordering baskets from here
but need to do some measuring first to see what we really need.}

I also stumbled upon this land mine of storage ideas:
75 Great Bathroom Storage Solutions

***Sorry the Urban photos are so tiny.
I couldn't figure out how to make them larger
without messing with the picture resolution.***

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Jamie Pepin said...

do you have a World Market? They have a lot of the similar items at a lower price point! And coupons!