Friday, April 19, 2013

39 Weeks

{Picture taken at 38 weeks}

How far along? 39 weeks
Weight gain? 31 pounds
Maternity clothes? Ummm... yeah. And, since GG has dropped, most of my maternity pants don't fit anymore -- it's awesome... NOT!
Stretch marks? No :)
Sleep? Well, since we purchased our king sized bed from IKEA I have been sleeping so-so-so soundly {with the exception of a few sleepless nights}. It is truly a miracle mattress!
Movement? Yes!... and I LOVE it!!  She is big enough now that when she moves my whole belly moves. It is so much fun! I crack up every time it happens.
Food cravings? Not really. I haven't had the best of appetites lately to be honest.
Anything making you queasy or sick? It has been pretty common the past couple of weeks for me to wake up nauseous and not be able to shake it all day. And... I have been getting SO HOT! Thank the Lord I wasn't pregnant during the summer. The second I get hot, I swell up like a puffer fish and feel super claustrophobic. It's really uncomfortable.
Wedding rings on or off? On ... sometimes! If I am hot, forget about it! If not, they fit just fine.
Happy or Moody most of the time? Happy... SO HAPPY!
Looking forward to? The arrival of Greta Grace -- just one week from today! I can not wait to meet this little girl and kiss her face and wrap her in a soft blanket and soothe her when she cries and dress her in all sorts of pink and watch her sleep and hold her hand and wiggle her toes and smell her skin and love her until my heart bursts!

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