Wednesday, May 8, 2013


^^^ We can't quite figure out who GG favors. ^^^
{Me, Al, Me, Al -- as babies, obvi}

^^^ What do you think? ^^^
Who does she look like?

^^^ Our dear friends, Chad and Kelly, came over for a Friday night visit ^^^
The boys made chicken and waffles and the girls held GG and chatted.
Later in the evening, we watched some Scandal {best show ever!}
and at one point both boys had babies in their arms. 
It was presh.

^^^ Roo roo time with daddy ^^^
{Roo roo = kagaroo; you know the ever important skin-to-skin time}
{and, yes, I realize Al is not shirtless but /I still consider this roo roo time}

^^^ After Alex's first day back at work ^^^
I got GG all dressed up for his homecoming!
She is such a daddy's girl.

^^^ All bundled up for one of our many walks this week. ^^^

^^^ And while we are walking, we always take a minute to visit with Daisy, ^^^
our friendly neighborhood pig.
Yep, you read that right. 
One of our neighbors has a pet pig.

^^^ GG "trying on" her Lilly Pulitzer bathing suit from auntie Brookie. ^^^
Doesn't she look fab?

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