Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Richmond, VA

Over the long weekend,
Alex, Greta, my bestie, Amanda, and I 
packed up the car and traveled east 
to visit our dear friends, the Workman's, in Richmond, VA.

The Workman's lived in Louisville for the past two years,
as Chad was the strength coach for several athletic teams at UofL.
Fortunately, Kelly was hired to teach math at North just down the hall from me.

To say I have been blessed by her friendship is a severe understatement.
My mornings were never quite right unless I checked in with Kelly 
upon first arriving to school.

She was the first person I told I was pregnant {besides Alex and my mom},
less than 24 hours of knowing myself.
She helped me come up with the perfect name for GG.
as we were convinced she was a girl very early on.
She and Amanda threw me the most amazing baby shower a girl could ask for.

The Workman's have truly become a part of our family.
Having dinner with them most Friday nights 
became the highlight of our week.
Sunday mornings spent worshiping our Lord together
only reiterated their place as kin.

No other couple welcomed our daughter
 into this world with such enthusiasm as did Kelly and Chad.
In fact, they were the first people we left GG alone with after she was born.

Their recent move was not planned and happened so suddenly 
I am still suffering from 
I am seriously heartbroken.

So, with the holiday falling on a Thursday, 
we took full advantage of Alex not having to take vacation days from work
and headed to Richmond, VA to reunite with the Workman's.

^^^ Sweet Amanda holding GG ^^^
at one of our many stops on the way to Richmond.
Amanda is a baby whisperer and I swear she is GG's favorite friend.

^^^ Upon arriving to Richmond ^^^
On the rooftop of Kelly & Chad's new apartment. 

^^^ A beautiful photograph my hubby took of the city from Legend Brewery ^^^

^^^ My two besties. ^^^

^^^ Dinner at Station 2 ^^^

^^^ Al's burger at Station 2 ^^^
called the "Elvis"
complete with peanut butter, 
grilled bananas, and bacon.
I took his word for it but he said it was delicious.

^^^ Adult milkshakes & a beer float ^^^

^^^ Richmond is gorgeous. ^^^
Crepe myrtles are everywhere you turn,
cobblestone streets pop up out of nowhere, and 
historical monuments commemorate 
the city's rich history at every corner.

^^^ Dome twins ^^^
sharing some nighttime cuddles
at the Workman's lovely home.

^^^ This girl, decked out in her seersucker, loved spending time with her aunties. ^^^
Amanda and Kelly took such great care of her in the mornings
so that Alex and I could have a little time on our own.
GG was thrilled.

^^^ One of Al's best friends from college, Bryant, ^^^
is completing his residency at UVA in Charlottesville,
just an hour outside of Richmond.
He drove in to meet us at the Silver Diner.
We were so excited to see him!

^^^ GG, milk drunk with her auntie Kelly. ^^^
Those two together are wild, I tell ya.

^^^ These girls. ^^^
They mean the world to me.

^^^ Dinner at Sine ^^^

^^^ Chad striking a pose. ^^^

^^^ Al with his snuggle buddy. ^^^

^^^ Me and my girl. ^^^

^^^ The Workman's ^^^
We sure are going to miss these two.

{Thanks for a wonderful weekend
in your new city.
We love you the most.}

^^^ My two babes zonked on the way home. ^^^

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Amanda said...

Looks like you guys had such a great trip!! Such sweet photos too!