Wednesday, September 4, 2013


This past Labor Day weekend was so special
thanks to some major life events
experienced by my friends.
First, some of our closest friends bought their first home.
Hopefully more details and pictures of that coming soon!
Best part: they are settling just two miles down the street.

Saturday, one of my dearest sweet friends from college
got married in her parents backyard in Versailles, KY.
Audrey is one of the most beautiful people I have ever encountered.
She has this natural glow to her that only movie-stars have
after hours of hair and makeup.
Of course, it was no surprise that she was the most beautiful bride.
Her wedding was so perfectly sweet and simple.


^^^ Audrey made GG the prettiest headband. ^^^
We will cherish it forever and wear it every Derby for years to come.

Monday, my best friend, Alli, delivered her sweet baby girl {five weeks early}.
I had just called to chat
but could tell by the way she answered that something was up.
When she told me she was in the hospital my heart sank to the floor,
but after she quickly told me everything was okay and that she needed to go,
I started twirling in circles in my bedroom.
GG was just as excited to know that her new bestie was on her way!

^^^ Isn't she the most precious thing? ^^^
Macalister Lane {aka Mackie}
(Picture stolen from Alli's Facebook)

Tuesday, my sweet co-worker, Holly, welcomed her baby boy into the world.
Luke Michael is so handsome.
 I am so happy for Holly and her precious family.

Grace is going to be the best big sister! Love my babies!
^^^ Gracie is the sweetest little girl in the world. ^^^
I can only imagine how awesome of a big sister she is going to be.
(Photos stolen from Holly's Facebook)
What a memorable and joyous weekend!!
Celebrations all around!


Jamie Pepin said...

Mackie Lane is SO stinking cute! y'all have some beautiful girls! so happy for Alli and so thankful everything was alright despite being over a month early!! :) loving the pictures!

Amanda said...