Monday, September 9, 2013


^^^ GG just airing out her pits on a warm walk earlier this week. ^^^

^^^ Mimi and Aunt Debbie picked up babygirl from daycare ^^^
for some much needed girl time.
They spent the afternoon together, lunching and playing,
and when I went to pick her up after work,
she came home with this fantastic bear hoodie!

^^^ What up, homey? ^^^
{GG is super fly, in case you were wondering.
She's been giving us lessons on how to stay hip.}

^^^ Evening snuggles are BY FAR the best part of my work week. ^^^
I pretty much work all day with the greatest of anticipations
 for evenings spent with girlfriend in my arms.
She gets me through the toughest of days and, honestly, 
having her to look forward to makes the work days go by super quick.

^^^ But, Saturday morning snuggles are the MOST fun. ^^^
With no pressure to be anywhere, 
we take our sweet time with lots of in-bed, cozy snuggles and
apparently daddy nose-picking.

^^^ Could you just stop with the iPhone photos? ^^^

^^^ My newest treat. ^^^
Rice cake. Peanut Butter. Honey.

^^^ Baby muscles. ^^^

^^^ A very kind and generous co-worker ^^^
gave GG his son's old activity mat.
She LOVES it.
We are so grateful -- those mats ain't cheap y'all!

^^^ GG loved playing with her big cousins, Wilder & Keaton. ^^^
It warms my heart to see those boys be so crazy in love with our girl.
They are really so good with her.

^^^ Nina turned ONE. ^^^
My friend, Ashley, threw an awesome party in honor of her sweet daughter's birthday.

^^^ Party time snuggles. ^^^
After Nina ate her cake, 
we took a little breather from the party to sit outside
and snuggle. 

{Side note:} While sitting on this picnic table, 
GG swung her arms and totally knocked over my cup full of ice water.
We were so stunned by her strength 
that we couldn't stop laughing to clean up the mess before it went everywhere.
Those baby muscles are something else. For serious.

^^^ GG just as shocked as we were by her first mohawk. ^^^

^^^ Our newest kitchen experiment: ^^^
Frozen bananas. Ice cubes. 
Chocolate almond milk.
Peanut butter. 

It's definitely more than alright,
but comes with a side of brainfreeze.

^^^ GG sleeping through this week's sermon. ^^^

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