Monday, October 14, 2013

GG's Baby Dedication

On Sunday, we had the great honor of standing before our church
and dedicating our sweet GG to the Lord. 
As I posted on Sunday
we stood before our congregation and acknowledged that GG,
first and foremost, belongs to God and
 that we take our responsibility as her parents seriously.
We asked for help from the members of our biological family and church family 
in raising Greta to know Him.

Before the service, we asked our talented, sweet friend, Jenna
to snap a few photos commemorating the day.

She also took a few during the service as we stood on stage.

^^^ Our listening faces are rather extreme, don't you think?! ^^^

After the service, we hosted a brunch at our place
to celebrate and honor the covenant we made.

^^^ Our awesome friends, Jonathan & Chelsea, came to our house ^^^
during the service to set up brunch for our guests.
We love them so.
It was so nice to have the coffee made, the food warmed, and the candles lit
before the first guest arrived.

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Blair said...

Such a beautiful service for a beautiful little girl! We are so blessed by Greta and I thank our mighty Lord for her daily! We loved celebrating with y'all!