Monday, October 7, 2013


Y'all, life has been jam-packed lately.
Here is what we have been up to:

^^^ GG out on a walk with Aunt Debbie ^^^


 ^^^ Bestie field trip: SHOPPING with Amanda and Kelly! ^^^
Kelly was in town a couple of weeks ago,
so of course, we had to hit up Anthro and a few other favorite shops.

^^^ Someone found her toes! ^^^

^^^ Adoring her father. ^^^

^^^ The views from my car during my commute to and from work. ^^^

^^^ GG's October homework for daycare. ^^^

^^^ Picnicking in the park with one of our favorite friends. ^^^

^^^ My new favorite dinner. ^^^
It is super easy, super fast, and super tasty.
All the necessary "supers" in order for me to even think about cooking.

^^^ Workshops at the KyAEA conference. ^^^

{I totally stole this picture from Facebook.}

 ^^^ Celebrating the wedding of dear Carson & Blaine. ^^^

^^^ Church Parenting Seminar ^^^

^^^ GG's first fall outfit complete with a cardigan and shoes. ^^^

1 comment:

Amanda said...

That first picture of her is adorable! her little twinkling eyes!!

and you looked great at that wedding!