Wednesday, November 13, 2013


^^^ Enjoying the beautiful scenery on my way home from work this past week. ^^^

^^^ GG endured her first cold ^^^
I included that second photo just in case you were confused by the first.
No, that's not squash caked in her nostrils..... it's snot.
She woke up like this several days over the weekend.
Thankfully, it has passed and she is back to her chipper self.

^^^ We attended a stone carving workshop in Shepherdsville Saturday. ^^^
Despite waking up snotty-faced {see above} and not feeling well, 
Grets was a real trooper. 
I sort of felt like an idiot mother bringing my infant child to a workshop where
airborne stone chips were flying at our faces all day,
hence the sunglass progression,
but you live and you learn.

^^^ And since we were so close to the Zappos outlet, ^^^
also located in Shepherdsville, we, of course, had to stop by for a little shoe shopping.
I mean, shoes are sculptures, right?

^^^ On Sunday Alex and I ran in a little race. ^^^
Blame it on my ever-changing level of hormones or the freakin' cold temps,
but when this man trumpeted My Old Kentucky Home and The Star Spangled Banner
before the start of the run, I totally teared up.
I'm so emotional.

^^^ GG snuggling with her shopping buddy, Soph ^^^

^^^ G being a goof ^^^

^^^ G's second date with Rowan ^^^
GG is making her move on this cutie!
{Notice the hand on the thigh.}
Rowan and his family will be moving to France in the near future.
I think she wants things to be "official" before they leave.

^^^ Greta's November homework. ^^^
She is carrying a basket of sweet potatoes
because that is one of the many things she is thankful for.

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