Sunday, December 29, 2013

Scrapbook: Christmastime

^^^ Alex's work Christmas dinner at Jeff Ruby's ^^^

^^^ Chocolate covered orange slices ^^^

^^^ Greta's first high chair experience at ^^^
our girls white elephant gift exchange brunch.

^^^ Daddy cuddles ^^^

^^^ Alex and I decided not to fool with ^^^
wrapping our Christmas gifts for each other this year. 
That's right, we tossed our gifts in plastic shopping bags,
plopped them under the tree, and called it a day.

^^^ CRAFT: Old painting >>>>> Chalkboard ^^^

^^^ Four Eyes ^^^


^^^ Christmas Eve ^^^

^^^ Christmas ^^^

^^^ This was my most favorite moment from Christmas this year. ^^^
Eli literally saving Greta's day by catching her as she rolled off the ottoman.
He is such a hero, that little stud man!

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