Tuesday, December 17, 2013


^^^ Wednesday evening, Mamy and Grandpa came over to babysit ^^^
while we attended a church event.
Of course, Greta threw up right before they arrived
{she has been sick.}
So, in the bathtub she went as we scooted out the door.
It was actually a nice transition activity,
since Greta has become a little more anxious
 with "strangers" (aka anyone other than mommy or daddy) lately.

^^^ We bought the documentation of GG's first Santa meeting. ^^^^
Tell me she doesn't look like a butter ball in the one on the left??

^^^ After meeting Santa, Grets really wanted to be one of his elves. ^^^

^^^ Greta's sweet cheeks all flushed after having a hearty breakfast. ^^^

^^^ I've been plugging away on next year's advent calendar. ^^^
I was inspired by my friends, Kate and Juliet. 
They made an envelope activity Advent calendar last year
to make their first Christmas as mamas extra special. 

I might be off by a year but creating this calendar is making me really excited for next year!
Each envelope has a number to correlate with the days in December leading up to Christmas.
On the back is assigned scripture to read for that day.
Inside each envelope is a card with an activity to complete.
These can be switched out from year to year.
Hopefully, some will remain throughout the years
and become family traditions.


^^^ We had a snow day last week. ^^^
The next day, I took Greta to daycare
and, therefore, had to take some back roads to get to school.
It was beautiful.

^^^ Sojourn's Women's Gift Exchange ^^^
This was such a fun event.
I am definitely marking my calendar for next year!

^^^ Dome twins at it again ^^^

^^^ We attended a beautiful, Christ-centered wedding Saturday evening. ^^^

^^^ It's hard to believe Little Rascal here cried through the majority of Sunday's sermon. ^^^
We were on the struggle bus.
She eventually fell asleep in her car seat,
but I was having major guilty-mom anxiety as I tried to console her while not disrupting others.
We have put her in the church nursery once,
but she came out crying,
and with weekends being my treasured time with her,
I just can't make myself put GG in there.

^^^ After church, my sweet friend, Carson, hosted a Secret Santa gift exchange ^^^
 for our community group girls.

^^^ Then, we attended a wreath-making workshop ^^^
at The Pointe hosted by Allie, Jaclyn, and Whitney.
They were incredibly sweet to share some tips on making the holidays extra special,
and to provide all the supplies for gift wrapping and wreath making. 

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