Monday, December 9, 2013


^^^ My most recent craft: painted feathers ^^^
This was mostly a successful experiment,
and now, it might just be an obsession!
{The things art teachers do on their planning ;) }

^^^ Somebody LOVES her new Hanukkah gift: ^^^
PB Kids Anywhere Chair 
from Aunt Florie and Aunt Debbie.

^^^ Look closely for Cody in the background ^^^
Sneaky little booger.

^^^ GG and her main squeeze before heading to school ^^^

^^^ Excited to meet Santa Claus ^^^
Thursday morning.

^^^ But then, she wasn't so sure once she met him. ^^^

^^^ And… then… she just got all saucy, ^^^
and said, "Santy-Claus, kiss my grits!!"

^^^ We had our first snow day Friday, ^^^
and I only took about 5,000 pictures of my baby girl.
It was SO WONDERFUL having the entire day with my girl.
We did absolutely nothing.
It was glorious.

^^^ Alex asked me on a date to the movies Saturday night. ^^^
I agreed on the condition that we snuck in mini bottles of wine.
He obliged, and now, we will never attend the theater without 
one of these lovelies hidden in our pocket!
It was awesome.

^^^ One of my dearest preggo friends found out she has a little beanette in her belly. ^^^
Her gal is due the same week Greta turns one,
so I had to get them matching outfits for next summer!
In fact, her momma was pretty confident bean was a beanette
that I bought these several weeks ago.
Glad she was right!!

^^^ Lashes for daaaaays. ^^^

^^^ Grets has been making this face a lot lately. ^^^
You would think she was shocked or surprised by something,
but she will stay like this for minutes at a time.
It is quite funny.

^^^ We found a new babysitter. ^^^
His name is Puppy.
He reads, and sings, and tells stories.

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