Thursday, January 9, 2014

Fine Print

While I am not big on making new year's resolutions
{I always end up forgetting what's on my list by February},
living a life free of fear and anxiety 
is a somewhat lifelong "resolution" of mine, if you will.

As you may know,
I struggle with anxiety. 
I fear the unknown,
and at times (okay, most times), 
allow that fear to dictate my decisions and actions.

I have been aware of this about myself for some time now,
and truly desire to take steps in challenging those irrational fears 
that creep into my head and make me a little nutty.
I dream of living a life that evidently displays the freedom that comes from 
trusting in the Lord and His plan for my good.

While this article does not discuss God or trusting in His plan,
it is a great reminder that in order to live a life free of anxiety,
we have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. 

It is true that God has grown me the most
when I have been the least comfortable.

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