Sunday, January 26, 2014

Monthly Checkup

Month 9

Greta Grace,

You are sweeter than chocolate,
and sweeter than honey.

You are sweeter than ice cream
and sweeter than pie.

You are sweeter than candy,
and sweeter than cookies.

You are the most delicious
sweet pea in all the land.

This month you have been talking and singing.
When you get going, you really get going! 

You have started to dance to music.
It's more of a back and forth sway/bounce,
but we count it as dancing in the Norton home.
When we are singing worship at church
you have started to silently move your mouth up and down
as if you were singing along.

We have found you in your crib
sleeping on your belly a number of times this month.
Once you even had your rump rump high up in the air.
It was soooo cute.

Your teeth seem to be coming in all at once.
Two bottom teeth are already popping through your gums
and the top are not far behind.
It has definitely taken its toll on you,
and us as well.

GG, we just love watching you grow. 
You are our darling dear.
I am so thankful to be your mama!