Monday, January 20, 2014

Portfolio: Getting Started

 I have always wanted to sell my work,
but I have lacked the confidence to do so.
Any artist understands the great fear that comes with putting ones work out there.
It is as if I am standing naked before you,
baring it all for you to see.
Okay, maybe not that terrifying,
but still pretty intimidating.

With the sweet encouragement of some friends and my husband,
I have decided to give this a go.

My goal is to make 10 drawings/paintings a month
and list them here on the blog.

Each piece is 4x6 and sells for $12.

E-mail me if you would like to purchase:{at}

If you are interested in anything custom,
please don't hesitate to ask!!

Here goes nothing: 

^^^ 1 ^^^

^^^ 2 ^^^

^^^ 3 ^^^

^^^ 4 ^^^

^^^ 5 ^^^

^^^ 6 ^^^

^^^ 7 ^^^

^^^ 8 ^^^

^^^ 9 ^^^

^^^ 10 ^^^


Blair said...

Love them all! So proud of you sister!

Amanda said...

Lovely work Tay!! So happy you're doing this!!