Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Monthly Checkup


Oh, heavens, sweet GG!! 
Month 11 has been so good!!

You are developing rapidly these days.
It seems like you are learning new things over night.

You have mastered "Daddy" and "Mama" 
and are now working on "puff" and "bye-bye," 
the latter of which is always accompanied by emphatic waving
and your sweet, but goofy, grin.

Pointing has become your main means of communication. 
You point to let us know exactly what you want 
and are quite disappointed if we misread your directions even in the slightest. 

You are starting to eat table foods like pears and peaches,
and we have introduced coconut milk to your diet.
You still favor beef or fish over anything else
and have decided that you might not like quite as many foods as we first thought.

We are still waiting for you to crawl,
but in the meantime, you have begun to walk with assistance.
You are a little wobbly on your feet but you beam with pride
as you strut across the room.

Separation anxiety has a tight hold on you these days.
It BREAKS Mama's heart to hear you scream when I hand you to another
but I know this is just a phase that we must get through together.
I am always reassured that after a few minutes you calm down and enjoy playing with your friends,
but it is very hard to let you go when I hear you hurt.

You are still a little Daddy's girl,
reserving your batting lashes and  biggest smiles for you main man.

We love you oodles and oodles, Greta Grace.
Happy 11 months!

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