Tuesday, March 18, 2014


^^^ Because when you give your husband mono, ^^^
he deserves dinner in bed with lots of fluid options.

Yup, you read that right.
I gave Alex the dreadful, awful MONO.

^^^ We had planned on traveling to Asheville this weekend ^^^
to spend a few days in the mountains with friends,
but dreadful, awful MONO caused us to postpone the trip until summer.

^^^ Thankfully, our families have been super supportive ^^^
and have come to our rescue several times these past few weeks.
We could not survive without them.
This was a random act of matching by GG and her Auntie Debbie!

^^^ When Alex got hit with it the worst (Saturday), ^^^
I was feeling surprisingly better {God's timing, my friends},
so GG and I went on a little shopping walk on Frankfort Ave.

I certainly enjoyed the sunshine and Greta loved drinking her bottle all by herself!!

^^^ My super talented friend, Amanda Leigh, ^^^
captured this sweet photos of Greta while on our shopping adventure!

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