Saturday, April 26, 2014

Monthly Checkup: 12 months


How in the world has it been T W E L V E months since you were born??

This has been the sweetest year of my life.
By far, the most physically demanding, emotionally draining,
overwhelming, and exhausting year of my life,
but the sweetest nonetheless.

My dear Greta Grace,

There is no way to put into words how sweet this year has been.
You have made my life full. You have overwhelmed my heart.
You have given me the most precious joy I have ever known.
Your presence has surpassed any trying circumstance or physical suffering endured.

This year has not been easy. 
Please, do not interpret "sweet" as without anxiety, fears, and hard work.
But, girlfriend, you are MORE THAN WORTH 
every drop of blood, sweat, and tears.

You have truly blossomed this past month.
You are crawling on all fours,
and are mighty proud of yourself for doing so.
You are walking (with assistance still)
with a firm sense of direction and personal motivation
to get where you want to go.
You know how to point, 
and are definitely not afraid to direct us where to go.

You LOVE food.
Bread, avocados, beef, pineapple, and strawberries
are your favorites.
But I've never seen a puff you disliked either!

We have officially weaned you from breastmilk to almond milk.
It was a tricky transition at first,
but now you wake up and guzzle that almond milk down.

We lowered your crib mattress after catching you
pulled up and peering over the side of your crib
 to spy on us in the hallway.
We also added a mesh bumper to your crib 
after you got your scrawny little chicken legs caught in the slats.

We have started our first attempts at discipline with you.
You really like to drop things for us to pick up
for you to then drop them again.
We have started to tell you, "No, Greta, do not drop that ____."
and, surprisingly, you obey.
I really have to watch myself though because you look so 
startled and shocked when we tell you no
that it is really cute and funny to me.
We've also been working on you riding your giraffe toy with two hands.
Sometimes you get a little confident and like to ride one-handed.
It scares us so.

You are still a mega fan of peek-a-boo
and being tickled.
We actually witnessed you trying to tickle yourself the other day.
We literally almost melted into a puddle on the kitchen floor it was so adorable.

We love you sweet pea.
This year has been amazing all because of you.

Mom and Dad

^^^ Photo by Lang Thomas Photography ^^^

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