Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Life continues to be busy,
so I am going to keep this quick.

Here are some of my favorites from that past few weeks:

^^^ Sass. Pure sass. ^^^

^^^ Cousin love. ^^^

^^^ Which quickly turned into cousin trouble. ^^^

^^^ Sweet Jack ^^^

^^^ Greta with her twin. ^^^

^^^ Sunday Snapchat ^^^

^^^ Precious Anna Claire and her beautiful mama, Jenna. ^^^

^^^ Greta trying to convince me to go with a smokey eye. ^^^

^^^ Milk drunk. ^^^

^^^ This cannot be comfortable. We had to lower G's crib mattress this weekend.^^^
Where did my baby go?

^^^ First bow. ^^^

^^^ Momma Gigi went to visit these sweet boys and sent this precious picture ^^^
of Macklin and Dempsey.

^^^ The juice expert came over to teach me a few things ^^^
and let me borrow her amazing juicer.

^^^ Mimi in her skinny jeans. ^^^
She is seriously the cutest that ever was.

^^^ Greta's first Passover Seder ^^^
She was spoiled good by Aunt Debbie,
drinking ice water out of crystal in all.

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