Monday, June 30, 2014

Scrapbook: Asheville

^^^ We spent this past weekend in Asheville, NC ^^^
with some of Alex's dearest college friends and their daughters.
This was our fourth year trekking to "our" cabin in the mountains.
We usually go during the winter, but due to some unexpected circumstances
we had to postpone our trip to the summer.
Our cabin has a pool so we were not complaining for one second!

^^^ Potty break on the way to Asheville ^^^

^^^ Thank goodness GG slept most of the way there. ^^^

^^^ Once we arrived to the cabin, ^^^
we were immediately greeted by sweet Abigail Grace.

^^^ Quickly, the house became a little nutty!! ^^^

^^^ Beautiful Kate and beautiful Nella ^^^

^^^ The majority of our days was silly play-time ^^^

^^^ GG, Alex, Abigail, Pat, Ed, and Harper ^^^
posing on our back deck.

^^^ On Sunday we traveled to the Asheville Nature Preserve ^^^
to see some animals. The otters were our favorite!

^^^ There is nothing sweeter than two babies kissing! ^^^

^^^ The girls enjoyed pool time with their daddies ^^^
but none of us momma's wanted to get in the water :)

^^^ Nella rockin' out ^^^

^^^ The boys, a ball, and their daughters ^^^
Not sure what kind of game they are playing here.

^^^ The dads and their daughters ^^^
Ed + Harper; Alex + Greta; Pat + Abigail; Jimmy + Nella

^^^ More pictures from the Nature Preserve ^^^

^^^ Slow morning in our cabin ^^^
*** SADLY this is the only picture I have of the non-parentals in our group ****
The newlyweds, Evan and Carly (aka Uncle Evan and Aunt Carly), 
have most likely been scarred for life by our weekend full of toddlers and birth stories.
I am mad at myself for not getting more pictures of them because they are the bomb dot com.

^^^ Yes, I ordered matching sweatshirts for GG and I. ^^^
And yes, we wore them out in public!

^^^ Family selfie ^^^

^^^ I tried but failed to get a picture of the girls together. ^^^
This was as good as I got, and we are missing sweet Harper!

^^^ Nella and Greta ^^^

^^^ Kate and Nella ^^^

^^^ Besties for life :: Greta and Abigail ^^^

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Blair said...

Looks like y'all had a great time! I can't imagine the fun and chaos of the four little girls running around together. Too good!