Monday, June 16, 2014

Scrapbook: Summer (so far)

Our lately:
(not in chronological order, because ain't nobody got time for that)

^^^ Bike rides with Daddy ^^^

^^^ Catching some rays at the pool ^^^

^^^ Picnic at the Waterfront with the Norton's ^^^

^^^ Eli spontaneously enjoying the splash park ^^^
 at the Waterfront.
We had no idea the water was about to turn on,
but when it did, man oh man, did Eli take his pants off fast! ;)

^^^ Greta enjoyed a nice, comfy snooze on the walking bridge ^^^

^^^ Eli's second birthday party was a hit ^^^
complete with a bouncy!

^^^ GG LOVED the bouncy! ^^^
 I think it might be on her wish list to Santa this year!

^^^ Raising the roof with beautiful Auntie Amanda and Uncle J ^^^

^^^ I love seeing this beautiful mama at church ^^^
with her glowing and growing Anna Claire.

^^^ Painting, painting, and more painting! ^^^


^^^ The most beautiful flower arrangement at the most beautiful wedding. ^^^

^^^ More pool time ^^^

^^^ Momma GiGi and Poppy giving GG some sugar ^^^

^^^ Play date with Grace and Luke ^^^

^^^ Reading before dinner ^^^

^^^ Exploring a whole new world at the doctor's office ^^^

^^^ My friends spoiled me with sweet and beautiful treats on my birthday! ^^^

^^^ My sweet aunt made gluten-free mandel bread ^^^
for my birthday dinner! It was DELISH!

^^^ GG is trying to figure out this whole utensil thing.^^^
We've got a long way to go! 

^^^ Lady bug ride with our friend, Nina. ^^^

^^^ Eli helping his diva cousin out of the driveway. ^^^

^^^ Shea loving on our baby girl. ^^^
{Shea was our flower girl, and it has been such a pleasure watching her 
blossom (pun intended!) into such a loving, nurturing, and sweet young lady!}

^^^ More cruise time with Daddy ^^^

^^^ Handsome Charlie was born!! ^^^

^^^ I have had the honor to make a few graduation invitations for students. ^^^

 ^^^ Downs after Dark ^^^
with the sweet Bachman family

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