Sunday, July 6, 2014

Scrapbook: 4th of July

We left Louisville Wednesday evening 
for Glenview, Illinois
to celebrate the 4th with my brother, his wife, and their two sons.

My aunt, Florie, and uncle, Andy, live in a nearby suburb,
so my whole family from Louisville: dad, aunt, uncle, cousins, and Mimi joined us
in the burbs of Chicago for a festive weekend.

Thursday, July 3

^^^ Macklin and Dempsey were sleeping when we arrived ^^^
late Wednesday night which made Thursday morning
playtime much anticipated!!

^^^ Thursday evening we grilled out at my brother and sister-in-law's house. ^^^
Brett and Crystal moved into their home the same weekend Greta was born
last April. It was so nice to have the whole family gathered at their place.
Their home is so welcoming and they were such gracious hosts.

Friday, July 4

^^^ We started the day out right ^^^
with some air mattress climbing and basement playing.

^^^ Then we headed to the park just down the street from my brother's house. ^^^


^^^ In the afternoon, we went to my aunt and uncle's club in Lake Forest. ^^^
They had games and a carnival set up for the kiddos.
Despite the littles being slightly too young to enjoy all they had to offer, 
we still had a ball, and GG got her first tattoo and devoured her first snow cone!

^^^ The Allen family, some of my favorite people in the world, ^^^
were also in the area. Fortunately, our schedules aligned and we were able to 
catch up with them during a quick visit to the Lake Forest town square.

 ^^^ Then we encountered the meltdown of all meltdowns, ^^^
causing Alex, myself, and GG to miss Friday evening's dinner plans.

Even though Chicago is only an hour ahead of Louisville,
it really disturbed Greta's schedule.
We decided to take her back to Brett and Crystal's to let her 
have a restful night rather than push her into misery
by forcing our dinner plans on her.

It ended up being a quite the peaceful evening.
Greta fell asleep fast, 
and I watched the SATC movie with my hunky hubby by my side.
We were sad to miss out on the family gathering, 
but very grateful that GG got some much needed sleep.

 Saturday, July 5

^^^ Saturday we spent the day at Brett & Crystal's neighborhood pool. ^^^
The temperature was slightly under my pool-day preference,
but everyone (but me) still enjoyed the water!

^^^ That evening we dined at EJ's. ^^^
The portions were HUGE but absolutely delicious.
We were spoiled to have a private room to ourselves,
but unfortunately, I did not take any photos of the family all together.
Thankfully, my aunt Florie caught this gem of a moment (above)
of Mimi and Macklin becoming best friends!! 
Mimi even said… and I quote, "Macklin is my very best friend."

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