Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Life Lately

^^^ So … this is real life. ^^^
We are MOVING on Saturday. 

We put our house up for sale in May,
have had it under contract since July;
we are closing on Friday,
and moving out on Saturday.

It's been one busy summer,
and I believe that is an understatement.

The timing of it all makes me laugh
because our original thoughts with putting our house on the market in May
was in hopes of selling and moving this summer before school starts.
God has been generous to us in allowing that to happen,
but without a week to spare.

We move into our new house on Saturday,
and I start back to work on Monday.
Oh, and did I mention, Alex will be leaving for a 
week long business trip on Sunday?
(Oh, yes! It's all so funny. Laughing so I'm not crying over here.)
Greta will return to normal daycare on Monday as well.
If you think about her over the next week,
please pray for her upcoming transitions
with the house, Alex being gone, and returning to school.

Despite the chaos, it is an absolutely wonderful thing for our family.
We decided to move within the community where I teach. 
I will be less than 5 minutes from school,
Greta will attend the schools on my campus 
(when that time comes around),
and Alex is closer to work too!

We will miss our current home.
We have put so many drops of blood, sweat, and tears
into making this house a home.
But, we are very excited in making a new house feel like home too!

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