Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday's Favorites

Since we have moved, I have done more online shopping
than in-store shopping…. like waaaaay more!
We are much closer to our work places,
and, in general, life has become much more convenient since the move.
However, shopping is sort of a pain in the rear 
because truly no stores are close 
(which I understand is a completely relative statement).
So, I have done a lot more online shopping.
I definitely need to be mindful of our account's balance,
as it is rather easy to keep entering our card number and hitting "purchase"
Without having something immediate to show for it,
I just want to open a new tab on my internet browser and
start searching for my next want and/or need.
But, one good thing that has come out of all this online shopping
is the cash back I have received from
Whenever I go to shop online, 
I first check to see if is offering cash back for that store.
Almost always they are.

This is how it works.
You search for the store and then click the link they give you before shopping.
They will automatically calculate your cash back,
and at designated times throughout the year will cut you a check 
for your cash back.
Simple as that.

I have received a check for a little over $20 since joining
and am about to get $40 in the mail at the end of the month.
I really can't believe how easy it is.
There are no fees applied, 
it is literally just cash back on online purchases I was making anyway.
This might be encouraging my growing online shopping habit,
 but it is definitely a favorite find of mine and helps to put a few more dollars back in the bank.
Check it out here!


Another favorite of mine HAS to be this eyeliner!
I have it in black and it is my lifesaver.
For whatever reason, 
by the end of most schools days I look like a raccoon 
that has been through a traumatic life event and has been crying all day. 
My eyeliner literally goes EVERYWHERE -- below my eyes, around my eyes, down my cheeks!
It is awful and embarrassing.
I finally decided to hit up Target and just splurge on several eyeliners that promised to be long lasting
and this bad boy has proven true!
I am obsessed.

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Amanda said...

UM- for real with the EBATES thing?!? do you get a perk if you "refer me"? because you should and i will use it!!