Sunday, October 26, 2014

18 Months

How in the world is my little girl 18 months?

You fill our lives with SUCH joy!
I truly cannot imagine life without you,
and can hardly remember a time before you.

You are the queen of mimicry right now.
You know to look at your wrist when we ask for the time,
you pick our noses after we pick yours,
and you text (the locked) iPhone with some serious vigor.

You are quite the helper as well.
You help mommy brush her teeth and hair,
you love to wipe the floor and cabinets after dinner,
and starting the dishwasher gets you very excited.

You are becoming quite the communicator.
You sign "more" after every cookie,
and have started signing "please," "thank you," "mama," and "dada"
on a pretty regular basis.
You are really starting to repeat words too.
You love to say bye-buh and make animal noises.
And you love to point to your various body parts,
booty being your (and our) favorite.

You just started showing an interest in the potty
so we bought you a little seat which you enjoy sitting on
but have yet to use it for its intended purpose.
You still absolutely loathe the bathtub and it is as if we are torturing you
every time we run the water.
You love to sleep and often after we have read a few books,
you walk yourself to your crib and ask to go "night night."

GG, we are in absolute awe of you.
We love you.
Happy 18 months!

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