Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Scrapbook: Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Alex and I slipped away last week
for a little romantic getaway.
In celebration of Al completing his MBA in August,
I surprised* him with a trip to an all-inclusive resort
in the Dominican Republic.
(*By surprised I mean, I held off as long as I could in telling him what I was planning
and then randomly broke the news to him in September and then asked him to book the entire trip for me.)

Alex's idea of vacation and my idea of vacation do not entirely align.
He is more of the relaxer on a beach without a care in the world type
and I am more of the curious explorer with a map in hand type.
Since this trip was in his honor, we did things his way.

With the help of our dear friends, Will and Audrey, who are missionaries in the DR,
we booked 4 nights at the Gran Ventana Beach Resort in Puerto Plata.
I highly recommend! 
It was cheap. It was clean. It was beautiful.
^^^ Upon arrival, we headed straight to the beach. ^^^

^^^ We ran straight to the water and starting jumping and splashing! ^^^
We were so excited!
But after a long travel day, 
we had an early dinner and decided to rest up in the room.

 ^^^ The next day, we did nothing but lay on the beach. ^^^
It was quite magical. 
I read 9 magazines and 1 book 
in the 4 days we spent on the beach!

 ^^^ After going back and forth, we decided to leave GG at home ^^^
with Alex's parents and just spend the time away together.
It was so good for us, but it was so hard being away from her.
(Of course, she did absolutely fine and loved every second with 
Mamy and Granddadddy, but this momma heart was a little love sick.)

^^^ Alex definitely got the rest he deserved but not without sneaky selfies from his pesky wife to document! ^^^

^^^ With our daily grind being rather demanding at the moment, ^^^
it felt like a gift from God to spend some quality time together 
having fun without a thing to-do.

^^^ My hair had a mind of its own in the DR. ^^^
I ended up not washing it for 5 days and it kept getting curlier and curlier.

^^^ The resort was absolutely beautiful and right on the beach. ^^^

^^^ We took a lot of selfies on the beach. ^^^

^^^ Al's got some mad hops! Me, not so much. ^^^

Congratulations, Al!
I am so proud of your for completing your MBA.
I am so thankful we had the opportunity to celebrate in his style.

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