Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Y'all, I am busier than busy.
I really need to create a new word to describe
the whirlwind that is often my life.

This post is WAAAY overdue,
but here is the latest page in our scrapbook. 

^^^ GG was a monkey for Halloween. ^^^
She is obsessed with Curious George,
so we knew she would love dressing like him for the holiday.
The week before the big day, we practiced trick-or-treating
at a church hosted trunk-or-treat.

^^^ One of the things keeping me so busy ^^^
is returning to SCHOOL.
I am taking some online classes in School Counseling.

^^^ GG takes after her mama ^^^
and loves doing school work. 

^^^ We are starting to sit on the potty ^^^
but no real action has taken place.
She has learned how to sit, wipe, and flush,
but not actually go to the bathroom on the toilet. 
We are still very proud of her!

^^^ She is OBSESSED with Super Why ^^^
on Netflix. She has a longer attention span than me.

^^^ I think Halloween was one of GG's favorite days of her entire (short) life. ^^^
She loved every single aspect of the holiday.
She loved dressing up.
She loved walking to neighbors houses.
She loved knocking on the door.
She loved receiving treats for her pumpkin bucket.
She loved running to the next house.
She even loved passing out candy to the older kids
who trick-or-treated much later than we did.

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