Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday's {local} Favorites

Ben Aroh received money from Kickstarter pleadges
that allowed for his small business dreams to come true.
He creates the most beautifully crafted wood designs.
He sells lamps, wine racks,
and my favorite, magnetized plaques to hang your keys from.

The mastermind behind these elegant designs
draws her inspiration from her grandmother, poet Frances Harper.
Keri has taken stanza's from her grandmother's published poems
and screen printed them onto wood and paper.

The words are powerful
but the designs are striking.

A Heart Makes A Home

Husband & Wife

These WKU alums sell beautifully handcrafted leather goods
like belts, coasters, and wallets.
They have a wide variety of printed belts
that are designed to resemble traditional needlepoint.
I asked about customizing for specific schools
and they were MORE than willing to accommodate.



Bourbon Coasters.jpg

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