Sunday, December 28, 2014

Scrapbook: Christmas

^^^ On our way to get the mail ^^^
we spotted some (rein)deer in our front yard.

^^^ Despite being allergic to corn, ^^^
Greta knew exactly how to eat it on the cob.

^^^ Santa didn't pull through on this one, ^^^
but we still love him.

^^^ It was unusually warm this Christmas. ^^^
We got to spend some time outside at Mamy and Granddaddy's house
before opening presents.

^^^ Greta loves her Mamy snuggles ^^^

^^^ Opening presents was a little overwhelming ^^^
so we took a break in the quiet kitchen to explore independently for a while.

^^^ But then Eli showed up ^^^
and someone was happy, happy, happy 
to see her "Aya" (as she calls him).

^^^ Laughing at Granddaddy's jokes ^^^

^^^ Getting a lift from cousin Shea ^^^

When all was said and done with the holiday celebrations,
GG decided that her most favorite gift this year
was baby monkey "George" from Poppy.
We celebrated Hanukkah a couple weeks ago,
(I failed to take pictures -- must do better next year!) 
and this monkey and GG have been inseparable ever since.

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