Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Artist Alert: Emily Anderson

surprised me with the sweetest package this week.
We have many mutual friends
and had both found each other on Instagram.
(Funny story... I have been following her for so long
that in my seemingly thoughtless brain I had merged her
account with another artist friend of mine whose initials are MZ.
Both Emily and my friend Michelle live in Seattle
and are fantastic artists.
Emily posted this beautiful Isaiah print and asked if anyone wanted a copy.
Totally thinking it was my friend Michelle posting,
I jumped all over the offer.
I wrote Emily a jolly little e-mail starting with, "Dear Michelle! It has been so long..."
Emily graciously corrected me and I blushed for days!)
But, holy moly, am I glad about this mix up!
Not only did Emily make me feel not so bad about my
inability to understand social media,
but she also wrote me the sweetest note and sent
custom stationery that might just be too beautiful to actually use.


Check out her website for more beautiful stationery designs, verses, and invitations here.

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