Friday, January 2, 2015

Friday's Favorites

I am on the look out for the perfectly floppy,
effortlessly cool, not too big but just right
felt, wool, and/or leather hat.

While I know perfectly well that this hat would most likely 
just take up closet space and
only be worn once or twice in my whole existence,
I'd like to think of myself as inherently cooler
just by owning the previously described 'just right' hat.

Here is a rundown of the ones I am considering

I love the simplicity of this black hat with a leather band. (Esp. for that price tag!)

This brown fedora is effortlessly cool. I think it is my favorite.

This beige hat has lots of floppiness… maybe even too much floppiness.

This one from ASOS seems about as perfect as could be 
but I am scared it would be too big on my small noggin.


What are your thoughts? 
Is it worth it to buy something that will make me feel cool but I probably won't wear? 
Or should I just be real with myself and come to terms with the fact that 
my already small measure of coolness 
will not increase just because I have a cool hat collecting dust in my closet?

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