Friday, February 20, 2015


 ^^^ Painting with Mimi ^^^

^^^ Snuggling with Brookie ^^^

^^^ Poppy reading to Mimi and GG ^^^

^^^ Mimi's turn to read ^^^

^^^ My beautiful Mimi ^^^

She is going to kill me for posting this image, 
but isn't she just GORGEOUS!
And, this is just hours after having surgery!! (Not fair, Mimi, not fair!)
She had surgery last week to remove a (cancerous) portion of her left kidney.
Thankfully, they removed all of the cancer from her body and no further action is needed.
We are all praising the Lord for her health and resilience.  

^^^ Brooke and I at Mimi's bedside ^^^

^^^ My newest verse in my Etsy shop ^^^
I was commissioned to create this, but as I was painting it
I couldn't help but pray this for my dear Greta Grace.
I know that I have shared with y'all that I suffer from anxiety.
I pray earnestly that Greta will be able to 'laugh without fear for the future'.
I feel like I am so often in a cloud of anxiety about the unknowns of the future
that I miss the present joys right in front of my face.

^^^ My students helped me get into character with some neck (temp) tattoos for ^^^
80's Rocker Day of Spirit Week 

^^^ Visiting Mimi in the hospital ^^^

^^^ Mimi spent several days in the hospital ^^^
before transitioning into a rehabilitation center.
Cara came in from DC to brighten Mimi's recovery time.
I think it worked! ;)

^^^ Cara reading The Giving Tree ^^^

^^^ Homegirls reaction to one of George's curious adventures ^^^

^^^ My Valentine (with a chocolate beard) ^^^

^^^ Flirting with her crush, Curious George ^^^

^^^ Last weekend, Amanda and I hosted our first annual Favorite's Thing Party ^^^
For the past few years we have hosted a girls cookie exchange together 
around the Christmas holiday, but neither one of us could get ourselves organized this year.
So we postponed until Valentine's Day and changed the theme.
Every guest brought 5 of their favorite thing ($5 and under). 
We each took turns sharing why that item was our favorite and then exchanged products.
It was so fun!

^^^ Greta in my preschool sweater ^^^

^^^ Miss Sass refusing to get out of her crib after her nap ^^^

^^^ We have been snowed in all week ^^^
Greta likes to look from afar but hasn't been too big of a fan of the snow
(to her credit, she likes sledding, but she has bit it on the ice several times).

^^^ Opening her sweet Valentine's gift from cousin Eli ^^^

^^^ And this sweet thing is ready to PARTY! ^^^

^^^ Checking on the rising snow outside our dining room ^^^

^^^ Staying busy indoors with painting and drawing ^^^

^^^ Watching (the appropriately themed) Frozen ^^^
with a picnic lunch in the basement

^^^ Love this little rat tail ^^^

^^^ And, that's all I got … Ciao ^^^

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