Tuesday, August 25, 2015

According to Greta

^^^ attempting to sign 'I love you' in her car seat ^^^

Grabbing a marker and a pad of paper,
GG: I am going to draw pancakes aallllllll day long.

Playing outside
GG: Hey, Miss Autumn (her pre-school teacher)!
GG: Hey! ... Miss! ....
GG: Hey! Miss Mommy!

Greta found a cup full of nails near the fireplace.
She grabbed two, one in each hand, and started waving them around.
GG: Laaaa, Laaaa, Laaa!!
Me: Are you dancing? 
GG: Laaaa, laaaaa, laaaa!!
Me: Are you a princess?
GG: I'm a princess alll daaaaaay looooong! Laaaaa, laaaa, laaaa!!

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