Monday, August 31, 2015


^^^ Greta has been parking her Jeep outside of her home. ^^^

^^^ Momma Gigi has been giving plenty of horsey rides. GG hates them, clearly. ^^^

^^^ Sometimes we still just need to snuggle a blankie. ^^^

^^^ Greta is quite serious about her neighborhood shopping trips. ^^^
It's good to know I will have a worthy shopping partner in the future.

^^^ Bubbles are pretty much her LIFE right now. ^^^
She'll do anything for a bubble wand.

^^^ During the final weeks of summer, ^^^
I had to take Greta with me to a summer camp where I was teaching.
She was enthralled with the dry erase board and with my mad stick figure skills.
She is pointing to the "Daddy who needs a tenis" in this picture.

^^^ It didn't take long for her to be completely OVER camp. ^^^
I just let her lay there for the majority of the morning.
(I am still waiting for my mother of the year award to arrive in the mail.)

^^^ Part of camp, was traveling to the Art Academy of Cincinnati ^^^
for a tour and printmaking workshop.

^^^ The camp was a great success. ^^^
We ended the two weeks with a beautiful show of the students' best artwork.

^^^ And here we have the usual. ^^^
You know, a lovely game of flag football in the middle of T.J. Maxx.
Can you tell all five of GG's cousins are boys?

^^^ Running in the neighborhood. ^^^

^^^ We had a hard time saying goodbye to our Carly. ^^^
She is off to UK!!

^^^ I helped a friend (and his son) make some precious little gifts for his family. ^^^

^^^ The other day I found Miss Princess Mouse tucked sweetly into the window handle. ^^^

^^^ Greta had so much fun exploring Susie's farm. ^^^

^^^ She thoroughly enjoyed finding the swing! ^^^

^^^ The next evening, I hosted my first dinner in my new home. ^^^
It was a joint celebration.
A send off to my cousin, Ethan, in his return to college
and a birthday dinner for my father.

^^^ Greta loves our hammock. ^^^

^^^ And this is her new "cheese" face. ^^^

^^^ My baby is officially a big girl now. ^^^
She has the bed to prove it.

^^^ A small group of dear friends gathered to run the Kicking Butt 5K ^^^
to raise awareness of colon cancer and 
in honor of Jenna.

^^^ GG sleeping on Gigi ^^^

^^^ Homegirl totally has a full ponytail now. ^^^

^^^ GG strutting her stuff at most likely her last pool day for the year. ^^^

^^^ I was humbled to see one of my paintings in my doctor's office this week. ^^^
I was nervous about sharing all of my recent transitions with her,
but the first thing I noticed when I walked in the door was the sweet painting
I made for her over a year ago. 
It was such a wonderful reminder of how our loving God seeks to pursue our hearts
even when we are not pursuing him back. 
My doctor is the most gracious and beautiful woman.
She embraced me with open arms and filled me with hope for a bright future.
I am so thankful for her.

^^^ Amanda, Jenna, and I planned a little painting party ^^^
for Jenna to make something special for her daughter, Anna Claire.
She chose to paint a little piglet for AC's room,
 since AC snorted as an infant and earned the nickname honestly.

^^^ Isn't it incredible!? ^^^

^^^ I finished working on a special design for a friend's small business. ^^^

^^^ This is Lilly P. ^^^
She is my new cousin.
I am in love.

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