Thursday, September 17, 2015

According to Greta...

Greta asked me if she could take a picture of her vagina tonight.

It went like this:

I had been taking pictures of Greta most of the evening
because I find everything she does either precious or ridiculous,
and most definitely worthy of documenting.

Earlier this evening she had drawn on her face with brown marker,
"mistakenly" believing it was lipstick.

Not too long after that, she started drinking water from the faucet.
I had never seen her do that before,
so I was snapping away as if it were her first step.

So naturally, when it was time for her to wind down,
put on her jammies, and get ready for bed,
she deemed it necessary to document the process.

She snapped pictures of me closing her curtains.
She snapped pictures of her paci on the floor.
She snapped pictures of me changing her diaper.
And, then, she asked,
"I take picture of my vagina?"

I was so taken aback, that I almost didn't answer.
I was laughing hysterically inside, 
but tried to keep it together in front of her
because I didn't want her to confuse
my giggles for positive reinforcement 

I replied, "No, baby, we don't take pictures of our vaginas."
To which, of course, she responded, "Why, mommy?"
So, I tried to explain in the most appropriate way
that our vaginas are private
(which she has zero concept of what that term means,
considering her favorite thing to do is 
jump naked on mommy's bed no matter who is around.)

Fortunately, she seemed to buy my explanation and moved on to the next thing.
"I take picture of Mommy thumb's up?"

So there we have it, 
the moment after explaining to my daughter 
the importance of NOT photographing her hoo-ha,
documented for the world to see.

For the record, I am totally giving her a thumbs up in this picture!

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Lisa Lewis said...

hahahah this is AWESOME.