Sunday, October 11, 2015

Foxhollow Farm's Fall Festival

^^^ Poppy, Alex, Greta and I visited Foxhollow Farm ^^^
for their fall festival.

^^^ The first thing we saw were the chickens and rooster. ^^^

^^^ Then we rode the tractors...^^^

^^^ ...And went for a hayride. ^^^

^^^ Then Greta decided she was brave enough to have her face painted. ^^^

^^^ She did so well!! ^^^
She sat perfectly still with her hands clasped and eyes closed the whole time.

^^^ And she was so surprised when she saw her face transformed into a Tiger's. ^^^

^^^ Daddy got confused and thought that tigers hopped like bunnies. ^^^
GG didn't seem to mind.

^^^ This was Greta's reaction when she saw herself in the front-facing camera. ^^^
It was hysterical. 

^^^ She found a stick to serve as her wand. ^^^
The 'bippity-boppity-boo's' were flying from this blue tiger.
She even zapped a complete stranger!

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