Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

 Thanksgiving break was a blast this year.
It has made returning to work/school 
that much harder on this chilly Monday.

Here are some of the highlights from our fun-filled extended weekend:

^^^ Tuesday evening, my bestie, Amanda, took me to the U of L game^^^
 with her. her sister-in-law, and her niece. 
Louisville's opponent was pretty low on the totem pole,
but we still enjoyed cheering on the Cards.
The best part was seeing one of my former students, David Levitch, 
get some playing time! 

^^^ Wednesday morning started with a beautiful sunrise. ^^^
Since I didn't have school, I spent the whole day with my girlfriend, GG.

^^^ We, of course, made a trip to Target, ^^^
where GG flipped out over the large Gingerbread man there ready to greet us.
She made sure to say hello and good-bye, and to give him plenty of hugs.

 ^^^ Thanksgiving day started with our very own version of the Turkey trot. ^^^
GG wanted to run in her pajamas and cat shoes up and down our street.
It was all fine and dandy until the wind blew. 
Then she was too cold to continue. 
We sat on the side of the road hoping to warm up,
but the inactivity did us no good. 
Eventually, I scooped her up and carried her home.

^^^ We moved the party to the basement, ^^^
where we burned off some energy with a manual air pump.

^^^ Next thing I knew, it was nap time ^^^
and this little darling snoozed right up until travel time.

^^^ We picked up Mimi and made our way to Indianapolis, IN. ^^^
One of my distant cousins, my Mimi's niece, hosted our family's Thanksgiving dinner.

(Someone turned into a Cookie Monster by the end of the night.)

 ^^^ My brother and his crew came back to Louisville ^^^
from Indy for a long weekend together.
They stopped by for a visit Friday morning.

It was such a beautiful morning that we spent most of our time playing outside.

^^^ Momma Gigi came up to play ^^^
and was thoroughly inspected by Dr. GG.
It was declared that Momma Gigi has boogers up her nose.

^^^ Greta's latest obsession is cutting with scissors. ^^^
(I am trying to train her to only cut when sitting and not to run with scissors.)

^^^ Greta was gracious enough to go to Costco and purchase salad for us all. ^^^

^^^ We ended up having a paint party in the basement, ^^^

^^^ And playing with some stickers inside before heading back outside for some more fun. ^^^

 ^^^ Momma Gigi taught the boys how to climb trees while GG napped.^^^

^^^Friday night we went to Volare to celebrate my cousin, Ethan's, 21st birthday!^^^


(Please excuse GG's finger. She is still learning how to operate the camera.)

^^^ Macklin wasted no time at all grabbing the special apple ^^^
immediately after the singing stopped.
We all had a good laugh at his eagerness.

 ^^^ My aunt always saves the day! ^^^
She brought sticker books for each child to entertain themselves with during the dinner
and special chocolate for Greta which came in handy more than once.
(Thank you, aunt Debbie!)

^^^ Saturday was the big rivalry football game ^^^
between U of L and UK.
We, of course, had to show our team spirit by wearing our cheerleading outfit.
We met the boys, Macklin and Dempsey, at Mimi's to watch the Cardinals defeat the Wildcats.

^^^ GG made sticker portraits of her loved ones. ^^^
The first one if of me, the second of Cara,
and the third is Mimi.

^^^ Saturday evening we celebrated Chanukah at aunt Debbie's and uncle David's house. ^^^

^^^ Of course we played with Lilly. ^^^

^^^ Brookie taught GG how to spin the dreidel. ^^^

^^^ The grandkids used Poppy's belly as a trampoline. ^^^

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