Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Snow Day Number Six

I don't know a teacher who doesn't love a snow day,
but they are exceptionally spectacular when spent with your little.

When the snow started falling Sunday evening, 
GG and I watched closely out the window.
^^^ She determined it was too COOOOOOOOLD to go outside. ^^^

^^^ SO much snow! ^^^

^^^ What are we going to do? ^^^

^^^ We decided to stay warm inside!! ^^^

^^^ Jasmine came prancing back in to start the indoor party. ^^^

^^^ We started our snow day off with COOKIES. ^^^
And they were yummy in our tummies!

Then we had a little photoshoot (see yesterday's post).

^^^ Next we decided to shovel the driveway. ^^^

^^^ Greta really was a big helper. ^^^
She bonked her lip and started bleeding, 
but kept on working like a champ.

^^^ Then we decided to get the Jeep out. ^^^^

^^^ Whoops! Little Bit got stuck off-roading. ^^^
I hope this is not foreshadowing!

^^^ Taptoo time. ^^^
GG got four tatts! 
(She surpassed her Mommy and Daddy!)

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