Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Celebrating Macklin

Last weekend, Poppy and I packed up the car and took our little lady up north
so she could attend her cousin's fourth birthday party.

Macklin Harrison was the first grandchild of our family.
He will always have such a special place in all of our hearts
just because he was the very first.

On the way up to my brother and sister-in-law's house, 
my dad and I kept reminiscing about making the same drive four years ago
to eagerly await Macklin's arrival. 

It is so hard to believe that is has been four years already,
and that we have two additional grandchildren with us now.

^^^ We left just before GG's naptime. ^^^
I was a little worried that she would make this face the whole ride up,
but, thankfully, she did take a little snooze in the car
and was much more herself for the rest of the drive.

^^^ GG got to eat her Pop chips straight out of the bag on our road trip.^^^
(She was more stoked than it appears in these pictures.)

^^^ She was completely petrified of the noises in the public restrooms.^^^
Flushing toilets and hand dryers are NOT her jam.

^^^ Once we arrived, there was a little calm before the storm. ^^^

^^^ And then clothes came off and things got WILD. ^^^

^^^ Everyone wanted a piece of Poppy. ^^^

I crashed early, like before anyone else,
including my own child.
So... WHO knows what happened!?

Saturday was Macklin's big party!

^^^ Greta has two Matilda Jane pieces ^^^
and I always save them for special occasions.
This one is my favorite!

^^^ GG and M had a little flex-off during lunch. ^^^

^^^ After enjoying a slow morning, we needed to get out of the house ^^^
before the guests arrived for the party,
 so we headed to the local library.

^^^ GG didn't quite understand the concept of being quiet in the library. ^^^
She kept wanting me to chase her and then FREEZE.
(We play lots or Red Light, Green Light at home.)

^^^ Then it was time to head home and get ready for the PAR-TAY! ^^^

^^^ I was trying to take a selfie with GG ^^^
and this is how she blocked the paparazzi!

^^^ It wasn't too long after we returned home that the guests started to arrive. ^^^
GG was so happy to see her Brookie Cookie. 
I think the feeling was mutual. ;)

^^^ Macklin was SUPER pumped for his chocolate cake. ^^^

^^^ Macklin knew exactly what to do after we finished singing.^^^

^^^ Greta's favorite part of the party... ^^^
Stealing Macklin's ribbon from his presents. 

^^^ I am running out of time right now to recap the weekend in its entirety. ^^^
I will do a separate post soon with pictures from my good camera.

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