Saturday, December 29, 2012

Weekend Scrapbook

^^ New favorite version of one of my all-time favorite hymns. ^^

* * * * *

^^ Cinnamon roll waffles -- so easy to make... and a little TOO easy to devour! ^^

^^ Every year (that Alex and I have been married), I make an ornament for our tree.
The first year we made owl ornaments, the second year a fat & felted Santa, 
and this year I made a simplified version of our new home.
I am already thinking about next year's ornament for G's first Christmas!! ^^

^^ Santa's cookies. ^^

^^ Christmas morning ^^ 

^^ Cody Bear wanted in on the action Christmas morning. ^^

^^ My most favorite gift from my most favorite man. ^^

^^ $10 at Target the day after Christmas -- 
leave it to me to drag my hubby clearance shopping over break 
but we did score an awesome 7.5' tree for next year (and the years to follow) at 50% off!! ^^

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