Saturday, February 23, 2013

Showering Greta Grace

Last Saturday, my two besties, Amanda & Kelly,
threw a lovely brunch in honor of Miss Greta Grace.

We had the shower at my house
so I wouldn't have to haul all the goodies across town.
It was really sweet seeing them put the whole thing together and
it was quite obvious that they put so much love and thought into the event.
I can not even express how much every detail meant to me.
We {G and I} are so blessed by their gracious friendship!

The theme was pearls, bows, ribbon, and lace
which was perfectly rhymed on the invitation with Greta Grace!


^^^ Amanda used her lace table cloth, a family heirloom,^^^
 to transform our dining room table.

^^^ The spread included homemade mini hot-browns ^^^

^^^ and yogurt parfaits with the prettiest spoons! ^^^

^^^ I could not stop eating these waffle & bacon bites dipped in syrup.^^^
They were ah-ha-maaaaaaaaa-zing!

^^^ Cinnamon rolls & donut holes ^^^

^^^ The prettiest cupcakes I ever did see. ^^^

^^^ The favor table was so lovely. ^^^
Each guest went home with a pretty polish
in G's signature shade of coral.


^^^ They hung baby picture of Alex and I from our living room mantle.^^^


^^^ The prettiest banner and bow garlands ^^^
hung about our couch while I opened all of G's gifts.

^^^ The amazing hostesses, Kelly {in pink} and Amanda {in navy},^^^
and me {the one with the puffy face}.

^^^ The three Perellis girls {my cousins}. ^^^

^^^ Amanda, Caroline, and Lauren ^^^

^^^ Laura {looking great at 38 weeks pregnant!} and Crista ^^^

^^^ Kelly and Kelsey ^^^

^^^ Eli and Katey ^^^

^^^ Hostesses Amanda and Kelly ^^^

^^^ Kelsey, Vanessa, Blair, and Amanda ^^^

^^^ Oh, just me being a little dramatic over Greta's new crocheted princess crown!^^^

^^^ The true star of the party, ^^^
beautiful Eli Piazza.
Greta Grace can't wait to learn so much from you Eli!

^^^ The Monogram Queen, ^^^
responsible for some of the sweetest,
most precious monogrammed gear for GG.

The whole day was filled with such sweetness
my little heart could hardly take it!

Greta is going to have the best aunties around town
and I am certainly thankful to have these "aunties" as my friends!
Thank you Amanda and Kelly for throwing us a beautiful shower.

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Blair said...

It was a beautiful shower honoring a beautiful lady {and your baby}. Loved being with you and can't wait to meet Greta!!