Friday, February 15, 2013

Weekly Scrapbook

^^^ Al & I trying to decide on a mirror for G's room at Home Goods.

^^^ Only the best combo ever!^^^
{I am referring to the Sour Patch cherries, fuzzy blanket, & fave mag --
but the Oz girls are a pretty rad combo as well.}

^^^ Just doing her thing.^^^

You know, just waking us up to drink water from the faucet.
Looks like Cody Bear is saving that last drop for later. ;)

^^^Jewelry I received from my late great-aunt. Notice the double Gs!^^^

^^^G's new mirror. ^^^
It wasn't our favorite at Home Goods but it was the most practical.

^^^ A little teaser the very talented Jenna sent me from our photo shoot last Saturday. ^^^

^^^ Please excuse the mess, but I had to show off my new $8 F21 coat!^^^

^^^ Can you even deal? ^^^
I almost passed out from gladness seeing
 all the goodies our PTA put together for us teachers on Valentine's Day?
I won't even show you how much I took.
Let's just say, I indulged, and Greta was okay with it!

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