Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Birthday Boy!

I haven't had much time this week to post,
so I apologize now for the photo bomb that is about to happen.
Overall, Chicago was a blast.
I had a mean case of motion sickness
and since we drove 5 hours Friday (Louisville to Chicago)
2 hours Saturday (Macklin's party was an hour outside of the city)
and 5 hours Sunday (Chicago to Louisville),
I pretty much felt awful the entire weekend.
However, and this is a big however,
I would not have traded a single second of it!
Little Macklin is not so little anymore.
Friday night we got in so late that the birthday boy
and his momma were already fast asleep.
Brett stopped by to have a drink with my pa
but I had to hit the hay.
So, Friday was pretty uneventful.
Saturday morning Macklin, Crystal, and Brett
came over to where we were staying
(we rented a condo just a few streets from them)
and Macklin opened gifts from us.

^^^ One of the only non-Macklin photos from the weekend.^^^
Brett, Crystal, and Papa P

Later that day we drove out to Crystal's sister's house
about an hour outside of the city.
Eileen decorated her house for the St. Patty's Day-themed party
(both sides of Crystal's family are Irish)
and Crystal brought over Macklin's green birthday cake.



Crystal has the sweetest family.
She is one of 7 children and while 2 of her siblings couldn't attend
it was still fun to be with the others (and their significant others/families) in addition to
her mother, grandmother, and aunt and uncle.
It was quite the par-tay!

Then came the cake.

^^^ He wasn't so sure at first. ^^^


^^^ And even started crying at one point. ^^^

^^^ But after a little taste, the smiles returned and that boy started having some fun! ^^^

^^^ He was definitely more into eating the icing and smashing the cake. ^^^
I am so proud of my brother and his wife
for successfully completing a FULL YEAR of parenting.
They are stellar role models and we can not wait for Greta
to meet her loving aunt and uncle
and super sweet cousin.
Happy first birthday, Macklin!


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