Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Scrapbook

Don't worry, more birthday pictures are surely to follow
but here is a quick dump of my iPhone favorites from
this past weekend in Chicago.
^^^ This sweet boy is HAPPY ALL THE TIME! ^^^
I tried to pick Crystal's brain about motherhood, routines, timing, etc
so I can do the same thing with GG
but it really just seems like Macklin was born this way.
He is the sweetest, most cheerful boy.
^^^ The cake aftermath. ^^^
All of my good pictures of his first cake tasting are on my Canon.
I will upload very, very soon!
They are priceless.
^^^ All tuckered out with Uncle Alex after his BIG birthday party! ^^^

^^^ Sunday morning lounging requires Puma track suits with matching shoes. ^^^

^^^ Chillaxin' with the boys! ^^^
I love this photo because it looks like Macklin is holding Al's iPhone.
Cracks me up!

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Blair said...

Looks like a great time with that sweet boy!