Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Message from Cody-Bear

Hey there.
I know, it's been a while. Quite a while, in fact.
But, you see, my parents have been obsessed with this thing they refer to as GG
and have sort of forgotten my internet privileges.
Anyway, Mom remembered today, so here I am!
And... back to this GG...
I totally knew something was up WAY before they did -- feline instinct.
At first, I was not cool with it AT ALL.
I am the baby, darnnit!!
So, I attacked Mom a lot hoping that she would get super annoyed
and change her mind
and somehow, pouf!, not be pregnant anymore.
But, that didn't happen.
Eventually, I came around to the idea of sharing the spotlight with another little
and have actually taken a liking to the idea over time.
My parents finally did something with that horrid {empty} guest bedroom.
Remember the double wall-paper?!
I wouldn't even go in that room with those awful patterns layered one on top of the other.
Not to mention, the disgusting dust and general grossness left behind
from the rents half-way attempt to peel the ugliness from the walls.
Now that they have cleaned it up a bit
{Mom says she will post a nursery update soon}
I love being in there.
They put a stool right below the window just for me to perch up on.
I guess I will keep an eye on GG from there, too.
I don't know what has come over me.
 I am sort of feeling protective of this little GG.
I can't have any sister of mine be pestered by birds, bugs, or mice.
{Don't worry, GG, I am pretty good at showing them who's boss!}
Also, Mom and Dad have talked a lot about being a good older sister
and not scratching her or biting her or peeing on her...
 {you get the point}
so I guess I can just be nice and cuddle and watch out for her.
But, I am totally confused as to why my mom is STILL pregnant.
Us cats pop those pups out (see what I did there) in nine weeks flat.
Not that I would ever know... Mom never lets me out of the house,
so I will never be able to find a suitable mate
{not that I would really want to be in the filthy outdoors anyway. Ew! Gross!}
This whole GG thing seems to be a L-O-N-G waiting game
and I am handling it pretty well, thanks for asking!

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