Monday, April 1, 2013

Nothing but Nesting

After thoroughly scouring the web {Pinterest being the most helpful source} for tips
 on how to best prepare for the postpartum recovery process,
I came up with a list of items to have ready to go
for when I come home from the hospital.
Alex and I spent a large portion of a Saturday
walking through aisles in Target I hadn't previously known existed.
It was much more daunting than I had mentally prepared for.
In fact, there may have been a moment of miscommunication
in the breastfeeding aisle and I may have nearly started crying
and I may have told Alex to not look at the aisle behind us because I really needed him. 
It was like I became emotionally and physically paralyzed over disposable breast pads.
Surely it was not the breast pads' fault but
this particular Target shopping trip made everything seem so real.
It was overwhelming to say the least but also super helpful in the end.
Now that everything is nicely organized in a basket in our bathroom,
I can rest easy knowing I have everything {or nearly everything}
I will need for a healthy recovery
when I come home with our bundle of joy.
Here is the list:
-Two packs of 6 Hanes cotton undies
{that I can throw away if necessary}
-Always extra-absorbent pads
-Tucks wipes
-Witch Hazel
-Nursing bra
-Nursing tank
-Disposable breast pads
-Reusable/washable breat pads
-Nipple shield
-Nipple cream
-Infant formula
{just in case the breastfeeding gig doesn't work out}
-A pair of fuzzy slippers
-Sitz bath
{I actually found this at CVS}
I have obviously never recovered from birthing a child before,
so I am hoping this list is sufficient.
Moms, got any other suggestions for me?
Anything I left off the list?

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Ashley Howard said...

They will be a huge help with this at the hospital! Don't worry...they will show you how to do everything and while that sounds awkward and won't be. You become so open after having a baby! Good luck! I am thinking of you and know you are going to be a fabulous momma!