Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Celebrating Alex!

Since this was our last weekend as a family of two,
and Friday will be Alex's first of a lifetime of shared birthdays with our daughter,
we decided to celebrate his birthday a week early!

Here are some highlights of celebrating my wonderful husband:

Alex has done an amazing job taking care of me during my pregnancy.
In an effort to return the favor,
I made him a hospital bag full of goodies
to take care of his needs while we stay in the hospital.
We have already packed our overnight bags for the hospital,
so I knew he would have most of his toiletries already taken care of
but I tried to include a few extras that I thought he might not think of, such as,
a Moleskin notebook, a fleece blanket (which I found at CVS),
his fave gum, hand sanitizer, Aleve, mouthwash, and deo (for the B.O.).

Before we knew I was having a scheduled c-section,
we both thought labor might be a rather lengthy process since this is my first
and that's what everyone says.
In order to keep him going,
 I included a 5-hour energy drink
and his favorite Starbucks doubleshots.
Again, sticking with the theme of endurance,
I wanted to make sure Alex would be hydrated and satiated during labor and delivery
so I included water, gatorade, Clif bars, and some yummy, high-protein snacks.

I also thought it might be nice for him to have some of his favorite treats on hand.

To keep him super hip and fly, I bought him a new chambray shirt and moccasins.

Even though I know there will be no shortage of kisses in the hospital,
I topped it all off with (his favorite flavor of) KISSES!
Saturday evening I treated Al to a steak dinner at Stoney River.
I have been looking forward to enjoying a steak with my hubby
since I started eating meat (2nd trimester) again.
It was absolutely delish!
^^^ While I was gussied up (yes, this is considered gussied up for me at the moment),^^^
we took my 39 week pic.
Is it just me or did she quadruple in size this week?

We didn't make reservations for dinner and Stoney River was pretty packed,
so we had a little over an hour to wait for our table.
Since the restaurant is located in an outdoor mall,
we decided to walk around and shop for our little GG.
It will be her birthday soon too afterall!
Alex picked out this adorable denim outfit at BabyGap!
Isn't it presh!?!
Sunday evening, my family celebrated Al
with a low-key dinner and some gifts.
Apparently, now that I am pregnant
 I only take pictures that involve food
and hardly any people.
My apologies.
But, in my defense, the food was worthy of photographing.
^^^ I was in charge of appetizers. ^^^
I had asked Al what he would like,
and he requested baked brie with honey and pecans.
This was awesome and easy.

^^^ My dad made turkey sandwhiches, ^^^
chicken noodle soup, cole slaw, and fruit salad.

^^^ And my aunt made a delicious fruit and chocolate trifle.^^^

Happy birthday, Al!
I can't wait to give you the best birthday gift of all:
Greta Grace Norton.



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Lauren said...

Super sweet post. We're praying for you this week Taylor! And your two other great family members too :)