Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Awkward & Awesome


This week Alex had to leave on his first business trip 
since Greta was born.
It totally sucked to have him go
but it was totally awkward
when before he left he said,
"I think something died in the garage. 
I don't have time to find it but in the next couple of days if you could try to sniff it out,
I will get to it when I get home."
Ugh...Yeah, buddy... 
Sorry, but that ain't going to happen.
You better believe I will be avoiding the garage for the next couple of days!

I have been feeling confident about my abilities to hold down the fort
while Alex is away until in a matter of hours
Greta spit up out of her nose 
and then this happened....

That's poop people.
Coming out the FRONT of her diaper.


Before leaving town, 
Alex made sure his girls had beautiful reminders of his love while he was away.

I tell you what...
That husband of mine,
he's a good one y'all.

My sweet nephew, Eli, turns ONE tomorrow.

{Pictures stolen from Blair's Facebook}

Time sure is flying by.
Happy birthday, sweet boy!
We love you very much.


lisa Scatamacchia said...


LOVE following your blog still! You and Greta are both looking beautiful! Keep em coming!

A distant admirer,

Lisa Scat

Blair said...

Eli sure is lucky to have y'all as family! Love you!